How can you avoid facial blemishes after holidays in the sun?

How can you avoid facial blemishes after holidays in the sun?

Beauty 12/10/2021

You have had a fantastic holiday in the sun, but the bad news on your return is that blemishes are appearing on your skin. What if the sun were responsible for your skin’s condition? Follow our advice to maintain a post-holiday glowing complexion and clear skin.

Why does my skin have blemishes?

Blemishes can affect everyone occasionally or regularly and can have different causes. Hormone imbalances, excess sebum produced by the sebaceous glands, stress, tiredness, a poor diet, unsuitable cosmetics, pollution, etc.: there are many things to add to the list of responsible factors. 

The sun is also an aggravating factor, partly responsible for the appearance of certain blemishes. In fact, after regular sun exposure, skin usually appears clearer and more beautiful. On holiday in the sun, acne and blemishes seem to have been left behind. Spots and blackheads are replaced by a beautiful golden tan that is extremely welcome. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory benefits, the sun does wonders for oily and acne-prone skin. Unfortunately, once back from holiday, skin returns to its normal state, or worse, its condition deteriorates. This is what is known as “the rebound effect”.

To prevent it and care for your skin, it is essential to apply a sunscreen to protect the epidermis from the harmful effects of UV rays. To choose the right SPF for your sun cream, take into account the sunshine level and your skin tone. Whether it is a lotion, oil, milk, spray or sun cream in stick form, this skincare is your best ally to limit post-holiday blemishes.

What is the rebound effect?

For people suffering from acne, the rebound effect is well known. To understand what the rebound effect is, it is essential to understand the sun’s effect on skin. On holiday, your skin highly appreciates the anti-inflammatory effect of the sun’s UV rays. When skin is exposed to UV rays, it becomes thicker. Sebum is blocked, skin is drier and prevents spots from emerging. Once back from holiday, skin returns to its normal thickness. Our skin is renewed in cycles of around 28 days. Superficial cells coloured by melanin will give way to others. Excess sebum comes out again and acne abruptly returns. Spots, oily skin, blackheads, etc.: facial blemishes do not merely reappear, they come back in greater numbers.

What are facial blemishes?

All skin types may be confronted one day or another by different types of blemishes. Even if they are very frequent during adolescence, blemishes may also appear on skin in adulthood. When we talk about skin problems, acne is the first thing we think of. However, there are other types of blemishes that can give you a hard time. The onset of blackheads, comedones and microcysts is also common after a holiday as well as throughout the year. Scars, dilated pores, shiny skin, pigmentation marks and spots can develop in any season. Fortunately, several solutions can help you to prevent the rebound effect and improve your skin’s beauty, radiance and purity.

How can you treat facial blemishes?

A good beauty routine can help to fight the appearance of spots. Meticulous hygiene, supplemented by the application of facial skincare tailored to skin blemishes, can be enough to reduce them and limit the post-holiday rebound effect.

Thoroughly remove make-up and cleanse your face

One of the most important beauty steps consists in removing make-up and then cleansing skin. Removing make-up from the face allows you to take off make-up and especially all the impurities that can encourage the appearance of blemishes. In addition to make-up, skin accumulates pollution particles, dust and sebum that will block the skin’s pores and lead to the appearance of spots. 

To gently remove make-up from your blemish-prone skin, micellar water is the most recommended skincare product. It is made up of micelles, molecules that have the distinction of being both lipophilic (have an affinity with fat) and hydrophilic (have an affinity with water). This unique composition captures and dissolves impurities. Nothing – sebum, pollution, foundation, eyeliner, long-hold lipstick, etc. – can resist it. 

If you wish to remove make-up from your skin, eyes and lips in a single step, discover Polaar’s Micellar Water. With Arctic Cotton, extremely rich in carbohydrates, minerals and flavonoids, this facial make-up remover hydrates and rids the epidermis of all its impurities. Ideal for blemish-prone skin, this skincare perfectly removes make-up from skin while detoxifying and replenishing the minerals in skin. There’s nothing like applying Micellar Water with our Make-Up Removal Pads, this eco-friendly alternative cares for the skin on your face and respects the planet! 

Cleansing with a gentle cleansing gel is essential to complete make-up removal and remove impurities that may have withstood it and could block pores. To cleanse your skin, choose a cleanser that gently removes make-up, traces of pollution, impurities and sebum. Polaar’s IcePure Velvety Cleanser combats blemishes and encourages a beautiful, glowing complexion. Its floral fragrance and gel texture refresh the face, leaving skin silky soft, ready to receive its anti-blemish skincare.

Apply an anti-blemish serum

To combat blemishes after a holiday in the sun, there is nothing more effective than an anti-blemish serum. Northern Light Anti-Imperfection Solution is the perfect skincare product to unclog and refine pores, mattify skin and fight against sebum overproduction. With Siberian Olive, a small shrub with berries rich in 108 natural active elements, including an unequalled concentration of vitamins, this anti-blemish face care is also a powerful ally against free radicals, which are responsible for photo-ageing. Antioxidant, purifying and anti-inflammatory, it also boosts collagen production and gently treats acne-prone and sensitive skin. 

To benefit from its non-greasy oil-based texture and refreshing fragrance with citrus notes, apply two to three drops of this skincare to clean, dry skin morning and evening to target areas or all over the face.

How do you hydrate blemish-prone skin?

To combat potentially aggressive external factors, skin needs some assistance. This everyday support comes from hydration. Even if you have oily skin, it is essential to apply a moisturiser tailored to your skin type. To hydrate your combination to oily skin when you come back from holiday as well as all year round, discover Polaar’s Ice Source Moisturizing Gel. With Iceberg water, the rarest water in the world, this facial moisturiser is a concentrate of moisture specially formulated for combination to oily skin. This moisturiser refreshes and mattifies the face. Because it contains Hyaluronic Acid, this skincare helps to continuously maintain optimal hydration. Normal to dry skin can turn to Ice Source Moisturizing Cream. This luscious cream hydrates deep down and restores the skin barrier, leaving your skin full and plump!

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