Our commitments

for nature

The effectiveness of our treatments is based on the millenary work of Nature. We owe it a lot: it has shaped powerful active ingredients that preserve and protect your skin.

We return the favor and protect it in turn by means of an ethical charter that preserves its wealth and fragility.

Responsible collection of our assets

We owe a lot to Nature. That’s why we look for the most effective assets while protecting it.

Depending on the case, some ingredients are thus reproduced rather than collected on site, in order to preserve their original environment.


Environmentally friendly products

We always design our formulas to be 95% biodegradable… and work hard to find ways to reach the remaining 5%!

We see life in green by reducing the size of our packaging, which is made from recyclable materials. All our cases are made from 100% paper from sustainably managed forests.


Contribution to polar biodiversity

Do you know the tundra lemming? A simple example of the incredible diversity of northern fauna and flora; true treasures that must be preserved.

We are committed to this and support all the scientific experiments that work there.


Against animal testing

Nature shines through the animals that reveal what is beautiful, fragile, surprising and delicate about it. By protecting them, we are protecting the environment.


Our commitments

for women

Our treatments are designed to enhance women’s beauty. A beauty without trickery and natural too.
That is why we are also committed to them. All of them without exception. The challenge is ambitious… and after our pretty words, here are the actions.

Careful selection of active ingredients

Each principle is rigorously selected according to our demanding criteria: purity, naturalness and efficiency.

Natural and efficient, their mission is to help you discover and travel in the heart of the mysterious lands from which they come. Follow the guides!


Product purity

Paraben, mineral oil and alcohol do not match the active ingredients developed by Nature over thousands of years.

You will not find any with us, and this, since our creation in 2006.


A refuge for sensitive skin

High-performance treatments that take you on a voyage, yes. But the skin must be able to tolerate them. Each product is dermatologically tested and undergoes rigorous controls before being launched.

There is no room for error for our teams… especially since they are the ones who test our care first!


Well-being first and foremost

Polaar treatments are designed to provide you with a unique wellness experience, in addition to their protective properties.

Each application becomes a source of relaxation and happiness, to the point of making you lose your all your sense, almost…


Sponsorship of women's sports achievements

Because Polaar wants to be next to every woman when she can surpass herself!

Because of our roots and philosophy, we believe that sport is a fundamental part of our physical and psychological well-being.

Whether you are a professional or an amateur, all the projects interest us and are analyzed to allow each one to surpass oneself!