Why use the Polaar shower gel?

Why use the Polaar shower gel?

Beauty 09/12/2021

Shower gel is one of the star skincare products in our bathroom. This ultra-practical personal care product has many fans. To delight your senses in the shower, use Polaar’s Polar Night Revitalizing Shower Gel and enjoy a gentle and sensory cleansing experience.

What is a shower gel?

Shower gel is a personal care product that we use every day. However, it is not always easy to define it and know what it contains. As is true of many skincare products, water is the main ingredient in shower gel. Depending on the formulas, we find one or more active ingredients that give your skincare product all its properties. The active ingredients added may provide extra hydration, boost the blood circulation, reduce irritation or fight against dry crocodile skin. 

Water and the active ingredients are supplemented by the addition of ingredients that provide more softness on rinsing, give the product texture, preserve the shower gel and protect it from any microbial development. Certain shower gels offer formulas containing chemical ingredients such as parabens, phenoxyethanol, mineral oils, alcohol or suspected endocrine disruptors that can be extremely irritating. These ingredients are to be avoided

Because it has a composition that is better for health and the environment, shower gel formulated using natural ingredients is more popular than ever. Composed of 97% ingredients of natural origin, Polaar’s Polar Night Revitalizing Shower Gel is formulated free from parabens, phenoxyethanol, mineral oil and alcohol. Vegan, cruelty-free and made in France, this non-drying cleansing care will offer you an ultra-gentle moment of pleasure.

What are the differences between shower gel and soap?

When we hear the words body cleansers, we also think of soaps. Soaps, along with lipid-enriched soaps, also have several advantages. Whereas shower gel has been the star in our bathrooms for a number of years now, solid soap is also making a strong comeback. 

When choosing between traditional soap, lipid-enriched soap and shower gel, consider the desired benefits. Even if their primary purpose is cleansing, soap, lipid-enriched soap and shower gel do not have the same properties and the same benefits. While certain soaps can be used to gently cleanse hair, face and body, others offer extra nutrition thanks to the ingredients that they contain. This is particularly true of lipid-enriched soap, which is made up of superfatting or nourishing agents such as organic plant oil, milk, organic plant butter or glycerine. They can be olive oil from Provence, sweet almond oil, shea butter or asses’ milk.

On the other hand, shower gels’ appeal lies in their highly practical side. Shower gel envelops the body in a silky lather and diffuses an enchanting fragrance over the body and throughout the bathroom. Scented with verbena, rose or tiare flower, there is one to suit every taste. Shower gel is suitable for all skin types. To prevent irritation, choose shower gels with a mild, allergen-free formula without any parabens, phenoxyethanol, mineral oil or alcohol.

Certain shower gels also have the advantage of acting like a shampoo. An added bonus for people who travel and do not wish to be lumbered with a shower gel and a shampoo.

How do you choose your shower gel?

A fragrance-free shower gel, organic certified shower gel, lipid-enriched shower gel, shower creams, shower oils, and more. There is a wide choice of shower products, which doesn’t always make it easy when it comes to choosing one.

To choose your shower gel, prioritise formulas that are gentle on skin to protect and nourish it and leave it looking radiant. Give preference to formulas that will work to restore the hydrolipid film. The hydrolipid film is a protective film covering the entire surface of the skin on the face and body. Primarily consisting of sweat, sebum and water, the main function of this skin barrier is to enable skin to defend itself against external aggressors. So as not to impair the skin’s hydrolipid film, the formula must be balanced and not contain overly harsh chemical ingredients

What is the best shower gel?

The best shower gel that you can choose is the one that will take care of your skin’s needs, while offering you a sensory interlude.

Polar Night Revitalizing Shower Gel has a deliciously enveloping and foaming texture that gently cleanses skin without drying it out. Formulated on the basis of Boreal Algae extracts, this shower gel invigorates and boosts the skin’s microcirculation. Rhodymenia Borealis, or Boreal Alga, lives in the depths of the Arctic Ocean. With little light available, this alga has the ability to synthesise a high level of phytomelatonin. Phytomelatonin is the plant version of melatonin. It is responsible for nocturnal cell regeneration. Thanks to its unique properties, this active ingredient also helps to re-establish the skin’s chronobiology. 

Has your skin been weakened by seasonal changes, jet lag and a lack of light and sleep? Revitalizing Shower Gel with Boreal Algae has decongesting, soothing and revitalising properties. Used daily, this skincare promotes the fundamental mechanisms of nocturnal cell regeneration, eliminates toxins, and repairs the attacks suffered by skin.

Polar Night Revitalizing Shower Gel leaves skin soft, supple and perfectly cleansed, without any feeling of tightness. It is available individually or as part of a gift set. For the festive season, particularly discover the Gift Set made up of the Polar Night Cream and Shower Gel. This skincare duo is perfect for regenerating, revitalising and smoothing skin during the night. Polar Night Cream also benefits from Boreal Alga’s properties. Applied every evening, this night cream eliminates toxins and leaves the epidermis smooth and replenished. Regenerated and revitalised, skin is visibly more radiant. The Polar Night gift set is one of the gift ideas to put on your list of Christmas presents at any price!

How do you use your shower gel?

Shower gel is the ideal cleanser for all skin types. For the most sensitive skin, it is important to go for a shower gel that cleanses while remaining gentle. To help to reduce skin irritation and improve skin’s comfort, it is also essential to apply it properly. Shower gel may be applied to skin on the body without rubbing, using a shower puff or directly with the hands. For the most sensitive skin, it is also possible to choose an organic cotton mitt. There is no need to put a litre of shower gel on your mitt. A small amount of shower gel is enough to cleanse your body gently yet effectively, and savour its irresistible subtle scent. You won’t be able to do without it!

After showering, it is also essential to ensure that your skin is properly moisturised. Applying a body milk is highly recommended for all skin types. To instantly hydrate the body with a gentle touch, turn to Polar Night or The Genuine Lapland Cream Moisturizing Body Milk. Composed of 98% ingredients of natural origin, these body milks tailored to sensitive skin hydrate and soften skin, leaving it delicately scented without a greasy effect.

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