Which soothing care for the eye area?

Which soothing care for the eye area?

Beauty 31/03/2021

Each year, long journeys to meet up with the family, lack of sleep and aftermath of the holidays are inevitably reflected on the face… and more particularly around the eye contour ! Poorly irrigated and poorly moisturised, this area is prone to puffiness and dark circles and the  slightest hint of fatigue gives you a tired look, not very attractive… To boost the eye area without letting short nights or jet lag, discover our ICY MAGIC range and its benefits ! 

The eye contour, a reflection of our lifestyle

The eye contour is an area that is particularly quickly marked. Highly solicited, it is subjected to 12 000 blinks a day, blue light from screens, and wrinkles to reflect our emotions. It is therefore naturally the first area of the face to show signs of ageing (wrinkles, fine lines, drooping eyelids…), but also of fatigue ! A night that’s a little too short, a lifestyle that’s not always perfect, and here are the dark circles and puffy eyes appearing ! 

– Dark circles are mainly caused by poor blood and lymph circulation. Drainage of the skin tissue does not take place properly, or at a slower rate, thus favouring the appearance of bluish or brown circles. The skin around the eyes is 4 times thinner than the rest of the face, which makes them particularly visible ! A bad lifestyle often accentuates the phenomenon. 

– Puffiness is the result of an accumulation of fat and water under the eyes. Once again  the cause is lazy drainage, which leads to water retention. Alcohol, smoking and lack of sleep are aggravating factors.

To recover a glowing eye contour, you need a gentle, natural formula that soothes and decongests to reveal the skin’s beauty.

This festive season, two products will make the difference and allow you to have a fresh and bright look in all circumstances. The Polaar teams have created exceptional care products to boost this fragile and delicate area and magnify the eyes, even if the night was short !

IcyMagic care products, allies of the eye contour!

Our anti-fatigue products have been formulated around a unique polar active ingredient : Siberian Ginseng, which grows in the undergrowth of the Tundra under difficult climatic conditions, where few plants manage to survive. Siberian Ginseng has adaptogenic capacities : it is capable of adapting to its environment to better resist it by gorging itself with micro-nutrients,  flavonoids and antioxidants which ensure its durability. Its incredible capacity to fight against external aggressions is given to you in our ICY MAGIC skin care range.

The ICY MAGIC Roll-On is a soothing, moisturizing care that erases the signs of ageing and fatigue in a few minutes!  It awakens the eyes, erases dark circles and decongests in one step The convenient pump bottle delivers just the right amount of product and the icy roller distributes it perfectly while massaging it into the upper and lower eyelids. Its fluid and melting texture makes it very pleasant to use. 

How to maximise its effectiveness ? Roll the eye contour in an oval motion, starting with the lower eyelid (from the inner corner to the crow’s feet) and then the upper eyelid (from the outer corner to the inner corner). Finish by applying the roll-on to the base of the lashes. Unlike a classic eye cream, this magical product is enriched with an active lash booster, which stimulates lash growth ! On average, 33% more volume after 15 days of use for an intensified look and foxy eyes, without make-up ! This care is so innovative that it won an award at the Global Green Beauty Awards 2020.


Did the change of season, fatigue and jet lag affect your look ? Give your eye contour area a boost with the Eye Contour Multi Energiser Patches, to be used as a cure or for special occasions (parties, travel, etc.)

Like a mask, these patches, which are placed on the lower eyelid, are easy to apply. They immediately provide a cooling effect that tightens the skin tissue. In fifteen minutes, dark circles and signs of ageing are erased, puffiness is reduced and the eye area is visibly younger and fresher. This product is so impressive that it has been nicknamed ”  the magic wand for the eyes “, which says a lot about its effectiveness and speed of action.

As we know, the skin around the eyes is very sensitive. Some of you may have noticed redness, irritation, burning or watering of the eyes after applying a skin care product to this area. Our formulas contain 92% and 91% natural ingredients respectively to gently treat the eye area. You will not find any potentially irritating agents (such as alcohol or essential oils) or harmful preservatives (such as parabens or phenoxyethanol). ICY MAGIC skincare products have been dermatologically tested to guarantee softness and comfort every day.

For a young and healthy skin, complete your beauty routine with our face and body care products (cream, milk, serum, sun product…), formulated taking into account the specificities of each skin type. We focus on cocooning textures, addictive fragrances and a natural and healthy formula for each product in order to combine effectiveness and pleasure in daily use.


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