Discover the new Polaar accessory: washable make-up removal pads

Discover the new Polaar accessory: washable make-up removal pads

Beauty 12/10/2021

Whether round, square or oval, washable make-up removal pads have many assets. Eco-friendly, practical and effective, washable make-up removal pads deserve your full attention. Discover all that you need to know about this bathroom must-have.

What is a washable make-up removal pad?

Washable make-up removal pads, sometimes called washable cotton pads, washable cleansing pads, or washable cleansing wipes, are an eco-friendly alternative to using disposable cotton pads. Just like cotton pads that end up in the bin, washable make-up removal pads allow you to remove make-up from the face, eyes and lips. However, instead of discarding them after use, these pads can be reused until they wear out. 

Made of organic cotton, bamboo or another plant fibre, they are particularly appreciated for removing or correcting make-up while remaining gentle on the skin barrier. Washable make-up removal pads can also be used to apply skincare or remove excess product, such as a mask. 

What are the advantages of a washable make-up removal pad?

Reusable make-up removal pads play a role in adopting more eco-friendly behaviour. Would you like to turn to eco-friendly beauty? Looking for a solution to gently remove your make-up and cleanse your epidermis? Washable cotton is a must to slip into your wash bag right away. 

An eco-friendly alternative

Because they are often made up of a large amount of plastic, disposable cotton pads take hundreds of years to decompose. They play a crucial role in ocean pollution and have a major impact on water quality and marine life. Washing your cotton pads creates less pollution than throwing them away every day. In addition, as growing cotton is extremely water-intensive, it exhausts many resources.

An economical solution

As well as having an undeniable ecological advantage, this solution also has cost benefits. On average, a woman uses 2,000 cotton pads a year. After one month, you will already have saved the purchase of 160 disposable cotton pads. It is therefore more advantageous to invest in washable pads that can last a very long time. Last but not least in terms of cost savings, reusable pads allow you to use the right amount of make-up remover. They are suitable for applying a cleansing milk, a micellar lotion and a hydrolat.

A step that is gentle on your epidermis

Using washable make-up removal pads is extremely beneficial for your skin. Less abrasive, they are less likely to cause irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin. By removing make-up with a washable pad, you can better control the amount of product used and ensure that you best remove the make-up and impurities found on the surface of the epidermis. 

What are the best washable make-up removal pads?

There are many types of zero-waste cotton pads. Whether individually, in a batch, kit or pack, they are available in several formats and all prices. 

To avoid irritating your skin, choosing the right material is essential. There is no shortage of options, whether organic cotton, eucalyptus, bamboo or hemp:

  • Organic cotton: organic cotton make-up removal pads are intended for normal skin. Highly absorbent, they require more product to be applied. To confirm the absence in the fibre of products toxic for the body and the environment, go for wipes with Oeko-Tex certification.
  • Eucalyptus: made from the pulp of the plant, washable eucalyptus wipes suit all skin types. However, this material is less resistant over time compared to bamboo, for example.
  • Bamboo: looking to treat your skin gently? Choose reusable make-up removal pads made of bamboo fibres. This fibre is ideal for all skin types, including the most sensitive. Very soft, bamboo fibre is also perfect for blemish-prone skin because it allows in-depth make-up removal and cleansing. Bamboo is kind to both your skin and the planet. It does not need either water or pesticides to grow and it helps to absorb carbon dioxide from the air. 

In terms of shape, you will also have to choose which one suits you best depending on your habits. If you are lost among the wide choice of products, go for a round pad, which is extremely practical for removing make-up and cleansing the face in a single step. 

For thoroughly cleansed and make-up free skin, discover Polaar’s kit of five washable make-up removal pads made of bamboo fibre. Eco-friendly and zero-waste, they are reusable and extremely gentle on skin thanks to their velvety effect. Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, this kit of pads can also be used on babies’ delicate epidermis. Thanks to the 100% organic cotton wash net, you can carry them everywhere, store them easily and protect them in the wash. 

How do you remove make-up with a washable make-up removal pad?

Practical and comfortable, washable make-up removal pads remove all traces of make-up, without rubbing or being harsh on the epidermis. Make-up removal is a key step in a skincare routine. Thoroughly removing surface impurities from your face is an essential step to prevent cell dysfunctions. Make-up removal improves the microcirculation, nutrition and cell oxygenation. If you do not remove make-up from the epidermis each evening, it becomes more vulnerable, hypersensitive and dull. Thoroughly removing make-up from your epidermis allows you to take off all the impurities that have been deposited on it. This step helps to unclog pores to fight blemishes effectively. It is a simple way to protect skin from micro-inflammation that may be caused by oily substances (foundations, powders, skincare, sunscreens, etc.) and pollutants that impair the skin barrier

Carefully choosing your skincare is just as important as the choice of accessories. Micellar water is among the best skincare products to remove make-up and cleanse the epidermis. Crystalline Micellar Water removes face, eye and lip make-up in a single step. Used on a washable bamboo make-up removal pad, this skincare removes make-up along with impurities, traces of pollution and sebum thanks to the Arctic Cotton extract that it contains. This active ingredient from the Far North is particularly recommended for sensitive skin. Extremely rich in carbohydrates, it hydrates and nourishes cells. Its high mineral content replenishes minerals and detoxifies the face to restore all its radiance.

To use this gentle yet effective skincare on your washable pad, it is possible to proceed as follows:

  • Apply a few drops of micellar water to the pad;
  • First of all, place it on one eye for a few seconds and gently massage from top to bottom to remove all traces of eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. Do the same on the other eye before removing make-up from the mouth with another pad.
  • Remove foundation last to thoroughly get rid of any make-up that may have remained around the eye contour area and mouth.

Reusable pads may be used to remove make-up with a milk or micellar water, refresh your complexion with a lotion, apply a Rose or Lavender hydrolat, clean up a baby’s face or remove your nail polish. To remove nail polish, you can assign one or two pads for this use.

How do you look after your washable make-up removal pads?

To keep your washable pad for as long as possible, it is important to know how to look after it well:

  • After each use, rinse your pad in clean water;
  • Let it dry and place it in a wash net;
  • In general, the reusable pad can be machine washed (normal cycle at 30°C maximum);
  • For drying, you can leave them to air dry or put them in the dryer. All the same, be sure to choose a low-heat programme.

To keep your eco-friendly resolutions, avoid putting on a wash just for your make-up removal pads. It is entirely possible to mix your pads with the rest of your laundry. 

Reusable make-up removal pads are a tiny change in your beauty habits to reduce your waste while making great savings. Don’t wait any longer to get some!

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