A family that has never lost its bearings

A family that has never lost its bearings

The brand 16/10/2018

Like father, like son. Going back to the origins of Polaar, is like tracing the rich career path of an extraordinary family of travellers. Presentation.

Everything starts from a simple idea: transmission. This is the invisible base that has forever bound families together. In this respect, the Kurbiel family is far from an exception, quite the contrary.

Because if the essence of Polaar, its philosophy and the values of the brand have blossomed in the spirit of Daniel, its founder, it seems important to say that it was probably his parents who laid the first, already very white stone, of a “snow-inspired” and very ambitious project.

They were the ones who made the first trips to the Arctic. The first was to Iceland, in 1976, when the frozen shores of the island were explored aboard an imposing Icebreaker called Le Vagabond.

1976: the story begins on an icebreaker in the vicinity of the Icelandic shores.

This first polar odyssey was like a revelation: it was while adventuring across this unfamiliar and seemingly unfathomable region that the two explorers realised that they were intrigued and fascinated by the Far North.

Expeditions have followed, one after another, ever since. In 1978, for example, where the record for the northernmost sailing vessel was beaten off the coast of Greenland. The following year, they even charted the unexplored area of Blosville on the deck of Le Vagabond 2.

1982 will remain an unforgettable memory. Nicolas Hulot went with them on the trip, and they managed to find the exact location of the magnetic North Pole after being parachuted onto the ice floe.

At that time, the explorations did not respond to any research logic, which would shape part of the brand’s identity later, but more to a marked desire to push the boundaries of the continent and set new records.

Nevertheless, a first icy furrow was marked out. The very one into which Daniel would plunge a few years later…

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