The exaltation of the senses

Applying a Polaar care
is like living a unique experience.
Let magic enter your world!

And very quickly, you're somewhere else

Even when the active ingredient has been collected, the North has never really left, the purity of its aromas is still visible in the air.

Arctic flowers, shrubs, berries, cotton and eternal snow envelop you, just let go.

Smile, you travel.

A northern escape

Scandinavia has a perfume.
The fragrances of Polaar skincare products are intoxicating.
The olfactory experience is unique, airy and attractive.
You breathe the pole.

The Far North is within palm reach.
Its textures are fresh and light,
Of infinite delicacy.
Each ointment immerses you in the softness of the Arctic.
You touch the flakes.

The colors of the days without night invite themselves to your home.
Polar shades can be warm, magical and mysterious.
The landscapes of the Arctic awaken through a forest of symbols,
Soberly drawn, simply familiar, softly colored.
And you have aurora borealis in your eyes.