How can you reduce dark circles under the eyes?

How can you reduce dark circles under the eyes?

Beauty 02/11/2021

Dark circles are the number one enemy of a bright eye area. Seen as unsightly, dark circles represent a recurrent beauty problem for both men and women. Discover all our advice to make under-eye dark circles disappear.

What is a dark circle?

Dark circles are among the main beauty concerns. They can affect everyone, both men and women. A dark circle is characterised by brown or even black pigmentation in the lower eyelid. The appearance of dark circles under the eyes is due to multiple causes. Often taken for tiredness, dark circles are the result of more complex physiological processes. The eye contour is a sensitive and delicate area. In this area, skin is less rich in collagen and elastin, it is on average five times finer than elsewhere on the face. This fineness largely explains its fragility. 

Dark circles are caused by a combination of diverse factors. Lack of sleep, stress, smoking or excessive alcohol consumption are all external factors that detract from the beauty of this part of the face. Dark circles are due to suboptimal waste evacuation. Tiredness slows down the venous and lymph circulation and leads to dilation of the blood vessels.  Skin microcirculation problems can also be responsible for under-eye dark circles or puffiness. As the skin in this part of the face is finer, blue- or purple-toned rings appear. 

Dark circles under the eyes can also be caused by heredity. Hyperpigmentation may be due to excessive melanin production. This melanin overproduction may be temporary or permanent depending on genetic predisposition. Olive or mixed-race skin is generally more concerned. 

How can you combat dark circles?

The eye contour area may betray your age and give you a tired, even sad look. A good reason to pamper it. Fortunately, dark circles under the eyes are not inevitable. Several beauty steps can be adopted to combat dark circles.

Remove make-up every day

Before applying your cream, there is an essential step: make-up removal. Removing make-up from your face, especially the eye contour area, helps to restore radiance and makes it easier to drain toxins. As the skin in this area is finer, it is important to choose a gentle make-up remover that effectively removes make-up and impurities without being harsh on skin or creating irritation. Micellar water is undoubtedly the best product to remove eye make-up without rubbing. Containing micelles, tiny water-soluble particles, it is able to catch hold of oily substances such as make-up without causing irritation.

Ice Pure  Micellar Water removes make-up from the entire face, especially the eyes, in a single step. Containing Arctic Cotton, which grows in the vast wilderness at the far reaches of Scandinavian countries, this make-up remover gently cleanses skin while purifying, detoxifying and soothing the epidermis. 95% of the ingredients in Micellar Water are of natural origin, an asset for your skin! Extremely rich in carbohydrates and minerals, Arctic Cotton hydrates and nourishes skin cells, while restoring radiance to the eye contour area. For an ultra-gentle beauty routine, you can apply micellar water to your skin using Polaar Make-up Removal Pads made of Bamboo fibres. They are 100% reusable and recyclable, an environmentally friendly step and a soft material that is gentle on the skin of your face! 

Apply a specific skincare product

More than any other part of the face, the eye contour area needs optimal hydration. To fade dark circles, applying a specially dedicated product is essential. Eye contour care stimulates the blood circulation and reduces the accumulation of toxins. 

IcyMagic Instant eye Contour Energiser Roll-on eye contour care is a benchmark in the field of skincare to counter dark circles, puffiness and tiredness. Vegan, cruelty-free and made in France, it contains more than 92% natural ingredients, notably Siberian Ginseng. Siberian Ginseng is found in the vast expanses of the Tundra. Capable of surviving under the most extreme weather conditions, this unique active ingredient is concentrated in micronutrients that help to stimulate the body to withstand tiredness. This eye contour care erases dark circles and puffiness, while helping to restore a bright and rested eye area. Thanks to the energising, stimulating and balancing properties, the eye contour recovers its tone, radiance and beauty. In addition to the exceptional ingredients that it contains, this product features an ice-cold ball that helps to drain dark circles by massaging and smoothing them. Fragrances have been excluded from the formula to better care for this particularly delicate and sensitive eye contour area. 

To brighten and smooth your eye area, discover our new skincare product IcyMagic Tinted anti-dark circle! Its polar active ingredient Siberian Ginseng comes straight from the Arctic landscapes. Brimming with antioxidants and flavonoids, it is an excellent revitalising agent. This part-make-up, part-skincare hybrid formula reduces and camouflages dark circles, puffiness and all the signs of tiredness. Practical to use, this refreshing pick-me-up smooths your eye area in a single step! IcyMagic Tinted anti-dark circle contains 97% natural ingredients, a fact in its favour!

In addition to applying daily skincare, rely on the effectiveness of an eye contour patch. Once a week, the patches refresh the eye area in 15 minutes while brightening dark circles and reducing puffiness. IcyMagic Energising Patches brighten dark circles and visibly reduce puffiness. Rich in tetrapeptides, they reduce cell oxidation and maintain skin’s elasticity.

Polaar has not forgotten skincare specially for men: to combat puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles found around the eyes, discover the triple-action skincare product Polaar Men Icy Looks. This eye contour care for men invigorates, revitalises and stimulates the body while boosting elastin and collagen production. Also containing Siberian Ginseng, it lifts the eye contour, smooths wrinkles and fine lines and soothes this sensitive area. Thanks to its light and refreshing cream texture, this skincare revives radiance in a single step.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle and the right beauty steps

Dark circles can also be reduced by changing some of your habits. Reducing alcohol and tobacco, eating foods that encourage drainage and sleeping better can help to make a clear improvement. 

Adopting a suitable beauty routine helps to reduce dark circles’ visibility. A massage stimulates the microcirculation and decongests the eye contour. You can, for example, apply light pressure underneath the eye with your fingertips. Freshness is highly appreciated for reducing puffiness and invigorating the eye area. The ice-cold tips found on Instant eye Contour Energiser Roll-on and IcyMagic Tinted anti-dark circle help to drain the eye contour by massaging and smoothing it. A refreshing step that your eyes will appreciate! 

How do you apply your eye contour care?

Technique is important when it comes to making dark circles disappear. For an instant healthy glow effect, it is essential to adopt the right steps:

  • If you are using a roll-on: roll-ons have the advantage of having a massage ball that promotes drainage. To decongest the lower eyelids, sweep the roll-on from the inner corner of the eye to the crow’s feet, then over the upper eyelid from the crow’s feet to the inner corner.
  • If you are using your fingers: the principle remains the same. Place a very small amount of product on the tip of your index fingers. Pat and then massage using the product, working from the inner to the outer corners. To take care of the delicate skin of your eye area, be careful not to pull on skin when you smooth it with your fingers. 

To diminish the appearance of dark circles, other more radical solutions can also be envisaged (hyaluronic acid injection, laser treatment, peel, etc.). These solutions can, of course, be supplemented by the application of Polaar skincare.

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