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Youthful Cream

POLAAR : Secrets de Beauté Arctique

POLAAR : Secrets de Beauté Arctique

Product testing

Are you looking for a skin care product to preserve the youthfulness of your skin?

Look no further and discover our new Eternal Snow Youthful Cream!

We give you the opportunity to become a tester and receive it for free at home! Composed of 95% of ingredients of natural origin, this exceptional skincare rich in Nunatak Flowers, smoothes wrinkles and fine lines, firms the skin and restores its suppleness and comfort. Its whipped snow texture melts instantly on contact with the skin and leaves a non-oily satin finish. Its soft, powdery fragrance wraps you in a cocoon of sweetness.

🌿 Natural care 🍊 Vegan 🐧 Cruelty-Free 🇫🇷 Made in France

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