A pioneering brand

Polaar is the very first cosmetics designer born from scientific research in the polar world.

The journey began with Daniel Kurbiel who, with his personal and family experience in the Arctic, quickly surrounded himself with the best specialists in the field of polar plant raw materials.

Each treatment originates from an in-depth study of the natural resources of the Arctic Circle. Delicately shaped for centuries and able to survive in extreme conditions, they have become a precious inspiration.

Pure and rare assets Pure and rare assets

Pure and rare assets

The active ingredients concentrated in our care are natural, rare and safe.

They were discovered in the heart of the most remote lands of the Arctic and found in the depths of the polar oceans, spaces so far away that everything that grows there becomes rare and precious.

Preserved in their northern sanctuary, far from human activity and its nuisances, they have kept all their purity, naturally maintained for thousands of years.

Rigorously selected during our many polar expeditions, they have all been the subject of meticulous scientific research.

Local expertise

Polaar is inspired by the polar world as much as it preserves it. It is in this sense that the assets are carefully collected by professionals trained in specific harvesting techniques.

These local producers are also sensitized to the management of each rare resource. The regrowth cycle is sometimes unique, which is why their experience is valuable.

Inspired by the arctic, made in France

In the northern lights, too, there are shades of blue, white and red: Polaar is fascinated by the Arctic Circle but does not forget its very French roots.

The products are manufactured in France and benefit from the excellence of national know-how in the field of cosmetics. From quality control to product safety, each step is supervised and optimized by an internationally recognized expertise.

The art of formulation

Polaar has been manufacturing and offering skin care products without parabens, alcohol or mineral oils since 2006.

In each preparation, the sweetness and purity of nature are combined with the reassuring certainties of science. The formulation then becomes unique.

This is how our products protect and strengthen all skin types, even the most sensitive, while providing a powerful sensory experience.

Our history

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