Hygge in Paris: a capital city escape

Hygge in Paris: a capital city escape

Lifestyle 17/10/2018

A way of life with a complex-sounding name but a very simple concept. Hygge is cosy well-being that comes from Scandinavia. Are you ready to try it in your home?

The Scandinavian countries, led by Denmark, simply embody the happiest regions of the world according to UN indicators. No less! Why? There are no doubt many reasons, but at Polaar, we are convinced that the concept of “Hygge” has something to do with it.

What exactly is it? Well-being. Cosy comfort. Calm and relaxation. Do you snuggle up in a cosy throw in soft candlelight at night, while the rain beats down on the window pane? You are an ardent fan of Hygge!

There is nothing complicated about it when you realise that all countries each in their own way of doing it. The British, for example, have their own word to define it: “cocooning”. This concept is already more familiar.

However, the practices are not as elaborate in our countries as they are in Scandinavia where this way of life is like a standardised ritual. Its motto? Live a happy and cosy life!

The ritual setting: a cosy interior and the warmth of an open fire.

Accessories are needed of course for the ritual: candles, cushions, throws, open fire, warm mug of herbal tea and wooden tableware are all part of the concept.

And what about activities? Reading, listening to music, puzzles, long conversations, knitting… All you have to do is stay indoors and indulge in quiet and often seated activities.

Of course, if you’re interested in the recipe for Nordic happiness but you don’t have all the ingredients to experience it, not to worry, just ask those who know: Hygge boutiques are popping up all over Paris.

Bolia, the Danish designer’s first French boutique is found in the fifth arrondissement. Make your way to the Boulevard Saint-Germain for cosy furnishings.

Camilla and her lovely NordKraft shop concept can be found in the tenth arrondissement. Here you will find cosy slippers to keep your feet warm. And on the other side of the River Seine? Not far away in Rue du Château d’Eau (11th), you’ll find all the accessories you need in every possible size at La Trésorerie.

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