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Discover our sets and kits to have all the skincare products you need to take care of your face and body at hand. To treat yourself or someone else, our face care sets and kits and our body care sets and kits are composed of everything you need to hydrate, nourish and enhance the epidermis.

Discover the legendary Lapland range and the secrets of the Lapland women in this generous...

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Lapland Gift Set - 50ml + 50ml + 200ml


The ideal Christmas gift for your Secret Santa parties or as a table present! This Lapland...

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Lapland Kit Hands and Lips - 0,88 fl oz + 0,35 fl oz


The perfect Hand Cream that penetrates instantly and leaves hands soft and moisturised without leaving...

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Lapland Hanger - 0,88 fl oz


Find your essential care in a single kit (day / night / hands / lips):...

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Lapland, an evocative, enchanting and magical name that echoes our childhood memories. Find the iconic The...

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Discover our iconic Polar Night Cream in a generous gift set with its FREE 200ml...

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Polar Night

Polar Night Gift Set - 50ml + 200ml


This beautiful Christmas box is composed of 3 essential natural skincare products : the Eternal...

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Gift sets

Christmas Essentials Box - 15 ml + 15 ml + 10 ml


The ideal gift set to take care of men’s skin. Discover in this generous gift set...

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Polaar Men

Polaar Men Gift Set - 50ml + 200ml


Découvrez ou redécouvrez les soins naturels de Polaar dans une trousse contenant une routine complète...

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The iconic anti aging Eternal Snow Youthful Promise Cream in a generous gift set with...

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Eternal Snow

Eternal Snow Gift Set - 50ml + 200ml


Lapland, an evocative, enchanting and magical name that echoes our childhood memories. Discover the iconic...

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The perfect Christmas present for your Secret Santa parties or as a table gift! This duo...

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The Genuine Lapland Cream

Hands and Lips Duo Kit - 0,88 fl oz + 0,35 fl oz


For your personalized gifts we propose this beautiful white box in rigid cardboard that comes...

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Gift Box - 150 gr


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Gift sets

Applying a moisturiser every day strengthens the skin’s protective barrier and maintains its physical qualities, especially its radiance and elasticity. Applying a moisturiser morning and evening is essential to slow down the appearance of the signs of ageing. Summer and winter alike, skin comes under attack by many factors. The sun, cold, heat or unsuitable products prompt skin to dry out and accelerate the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots.

To hydrate and nourish your skin at home or when travelling, discover the The essentials kit. This set contains a complete travel-size beauty routine to take with you wherever you go. This skincare kit is made up of beauty essentials to pamper the epidermis day and night. Among the skincare products offered in this set, find NORTHERN LIGHT Smoothing Cream formulated to hydrate normal to dry skin. This skincare rich in vitamin C and 100% natural salicylic acid helps the epidermis to face everyday aggressors and rebuild the anti-pollution shield that protects it. At night, swap your day cream for POLAR NIGHT Cream. Thanks to the revitalising properties of Boreal Algae, this cream regenerates and revitalises the epidermis. Polar Night Body Milk, The Genuine Lapland Cream and The Genuine Lapland Cream Lip Balm complete the essential skincare products in this beauty kit. 

The skincare products in the THE GENUINE LAPLAND CREAM range are also available in a set specially dedicated to hydrating damaged, dry and sensitive skin for the whole family. This skincare set concentrated in an extract of 3 Arctic Polar Berries protects skin from the wind, sun and drying out. Arctic raspberries, cranberries and cloudberries, known for their antioxidant power, act like a protective shield for the epidermis. Looking for a well-being gift to offer for a special occasion? The LAPLAND set contains three must-have products to hydrate and nourish face and body: the Hand Cream, Body Milk and Face Cream

Find all the benefits of the boreal alga, Rhodymenia Borealis, in a set with a Scandinavian design: the POLAR NIGHT Set. Composed of a night cream and a body milk, this set is perfect for pampering skin upset by the effects of season changes, jet lag or a lack of sleep. The boreal alga is one of the exceptional ingredients found in the POLAR NIGHT face care range. Perfect for regenerating and relaxing the epidermis during a night’s sleep, this alga synthesises a plant enzyme similar to melatonin, which is extremely effective at night for skin cell regeneration. Applied in the evening after thoroughly cleansing the face, POLAR NIGHT Revitalizing Cream eliminates toxins and repairs damage linked to daytime aggressors. Its rich, luscious texture is rapidly absorbed into skin without leaving a greasy finish. The POLAR NIGHT set also contains POLAR NIGHT Body Milk with a fluid, silky smooth texture. This product hydrates, nourishes and repairs even the driest skin. 

Hands and lips are also two particularly sensitive areas that must be treated very gently. To do this, discover the Lapland Hand and Lip Kit set, which makes the ideal gift. Composed of natural skincare products with 3 Arctic berries, this set allows you to combat extreme climate conditions. The Genuine Lapland Hand Cream contained in this cocooning skincare set deeply hydrates hands and also helps to soften cuticles. You will also find the Balm that hydrates, repairs and protects lips damaged by the cold, wind and sun.

For Christmas, a birthday or any kind of event, offering a skincare ritual is an excellent idea. For yourself or as a gift for a man or woman, the Polaar skincare set is the ideal way to treat yourself or someone else. Our skincare sets contain must-have products for your beauty bag. Whether day or night creams, body milk, hand cream or an exhilarating balm, you will find all the products you need to take care of your skin, whatever its type.