Gift set & Poutches

Gift set & face cream poutches

A “dazzling” Hat Box that combines the actions of Northern Light Smoothing Cream and Polar...

Dazzling Northern Light Gift Set - 1,76 fl oz + 0,88 fl oz

1 Reviews



This “Legendary Lapland” box with 3 arctic berries (arctic raspberries, cranberries and blackberries) contains: The...

Le coffret concentré en extrait de 3 Baies Arctiques (framboises arctiques, airelles et mûres des...

Gift sets

Coffret Secrets de Laponie -



This “Polaar Essential” cracker offers a day/night/lips routine with our essential care: IceSouce Moisturizing Gel...

Easy to carry around, you can use it for travels as well as in a...

Toilet bag -



Find your favorite night care in a gift set in combination with Eternal Snow Cream...

Mysterious Polar Night Gift Set - 1,76 fl oz + 0,88 fl oz

1 Reviews



Eye contour-focused gift set that tones and brightens the eye area, in combination with our...

Incredible IcyMagic Gift Set - 0,35 fl oz + 1 pair + 0,53 fl oz



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