IcyMagic Tinted anti-dark circle is coming to Polaar!

IcyMagic Tinted anti-dark circle is coming to Polaar!

Beauty 12/10/2021

Dark circles are the worst enemy of a bright, refreshed eye area. You have several solutions to restore the eye contour’s youthful radiance. These include Polaar’s new skincare product: Icy Magic Tinted anti-dark circle. Discover all you need to know about dark circles to better camouflage them and make them disappear.

What is a dark circle?

Dark circles are among the main beauty concerns for both men and women. And for good reason: dark circles make the eye area look tired and dull. Dark circles are characterised by skin colour variations underneath the eye. They may be hollow, swollen or have taken on a dull shade. As the skin of the eye contour area is four times finer than elsewhere, the slightest disruption is instantly visible. It is because skin is extremely fine that congestion of the vascular system can be seen through it. 

Dark circles should be distinguished from puffiness, which is linked to oedema of the lower eyelids. Puffiness is formed by fatty deposits more or less saturated with water, giving an impression of swelling under the eye. The appearance of puffiness can be mainly attributed to poor blood circulation and lymph tissue disruption. An unhealthy lifestyle (alcohol consumption, smoking, lack of sleep, etc.) can cause water retention and be responsible for the problem of puffiness.

What are the causes of under-eye dark circles?

Although the appearance of dark circles and puffiness is often associated with a lack of sleep, tiredness is not the only factor responsible. 

Smoking disrupts the flow of fluids and creates oedema under the skin, which encourages the symptom of under-eye puffiness. Alcohol favours swelling of the blood vessels, making the eye area look tired. 

Several factors can be attributed to under-eye dark circles. Dark circles are not age-related. However, the problem can get worse as you grow older. The gradual loss of collagen in this area is an important factor, just like stress, tiredness and an unhealthy lifestyle.

To define the most suitable treatment to reduce the visibility of dark circles, it is essential to understand the mechanism behind the formation of each type of dark circle. There are primarily three types of dark circles:

  • Bluish dark circles: they are characterised by more or less dark pigmentation of the lower eyelid. They are primarily linked to a failure of the blood and lymph microcirculation in the eye contour area and usually affect fair skin.
  • Brown dark circles: they are the result of excess melanin that forms a pigmentation mark all around the eye area. This hyperpigmentation is usually genetic in origin and can be seen in olive to dark skin, generally from the Mediterranean region.
  • Hollow dark circles: they are caused by the dissolution of fat in the eyelid, generally linked to ageing. Characterised by a more pronounced shadow under the eyes, hollow dark circles can also have a genetic origin and gradually take hold after major weight loss.

Hormone changes in women play a key role in the appearance of under-eye dark circles. 

What solutions are there to reduce dark circles?

When you have under-eye dark circles, you would like to be able to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Yes, but how? Our advice: by using suitable skincare. Polaar anti-dark circle skincare is made up of natural ingredients rich in active ingredients from the Far North. These rare and pure natural active ingredients were discovered during various expeditions in the polar world. They offer proven efficacy on reducing dark circles as well as puffiness and signs of tiredness. 

Camouflage your dark circles with a tinted concealer

As well as treating your dark circles deep down with suitable skincare, are you looking to camouflage them? Brighten and smooth your eye area with our concealer IcyMagic Tinted anti-dark circle. This tinted concealer has a part-skincare, part-make-up hybrid formula to hydrate and instantly camouflage dark circles and areas of shadow, while reducing puffiness and signs of tiredness. Thanks to its fine, high-coverage texture delivered by a cryo-metallic massage tip, this skincare decongests and smooths the eye contour area for a fresh and bright eye area all day long. 

Vegan, cruelty-free and made in France, this tinted concealer contains over 97% natural ingredients. These include Siberian Ginseng. This powerful active ingredient found in the vast expanses of the Tundra has energising, stimulating and balancing properties to restore tone, vitality and beauty to the eye contour area. Thank to its adaptogenic nature, it is capable of surviving under the most extreme conditions. Siberian Ginseng is an ingredient rich in micronutrients, stimulating the body to withstand stress and tiredness, as well as all the other harmful effects of everyday life. 

Treat your dark circles with revitalising skincare

To treat your dark circles, also discover our IcyMagic Instant Eye Contour energiser roll-on skincare. Formulated to care for the delicate skin in the eye contour area, it restores a bright and rested eye area in a single step. 

IcyMagic energising and dark circle-correcting eye contour care erases both puffiness and dark circles thanks to Siberian Ginseng, and boosts lash growth thanks to its Cil-booster active ingredient. This skincare is used every day and applied with an ice-cold ball that helps to drain the eye contour area by massaging and smoothing it. To restore a fresh and rested eye area, sweep the ice-cold ball from the inner corner of the eye to the crow’s feet, then over the upper eyelid from the inner corner to the crow’s feet at the outer corner of the eye. 

How can you make under-eye dark circles disappear?

Dark circle-correcting skincare products are not the only allies for a tired eye area. Several other solutions can help you to drain and promote the depigmentation and radiance of the eye contour area. 

Change your diet

Even if there is not a specific diet that allows you to get rid of dark circles, it is essential to adopt good dietary habits to combat this phenomenon. A diet made up of a large amount of fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein and good fat can help to bring a visible improvement to the eye contour area. Fruit and vegetables help to maintain skin’s hydration, making it possible to reduce dark circles naturally. Decreasing your alcohol, cigarette and caffeine consumption may also reduce the appearance of under-eye dark circles and promote a radiant eye area.

Gently remove eye make-up

To fight the development of under-eye dark circles and limit the appearance of the signs of ageing (wrinkles, fine lines, loss of volume, etc.), it is essential to remove make-up from the eye contour area every day. To help skin to recover its radiance and beauty, it must be pampered with a make-up remover that allows it to breathe and relax. To remove make-up from your eye contour area effectively yet gently, the ideal make-up remover remains micellar water. Polaar’s Crystalline Micellar Water removes face, eye and lip make-up in a single step. It rids the eye contour area of make-up and all impurities before applying your dark circle-correcting care day or night. Applying dark circle-correcting care can be supplemented by an organic Cornflower lotion or a hydrating dark circle-correcting mask in patch form.

Wear sun cream

Dark circle-correcting care is one of the must-have products to reduce the appearance of dark circles, smooth wrinkles and refresh the eye area. However, it remains important to protect your face from the sun, supplementing your beauty routine with the application of a sun cream. Sun creams play a large part in reducing the appearance of dark circles as well as the signs of ageing. 

Eye contour care is your major asset in your fight against dark circles. Whether you have bluish, brown or hollow dark circles, it is possible to reduce them with a corrector such as IcyMagic tinted anti-dark circle care. This concealer offers a tailor-made solution to restore the eye area’s radiance and youthfulness, in a single step. Skincare with a unique texture and a universal shade to include in your beauty routine at all costs!

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