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Polaar Men

Whether on top of a mountain or in the urban jungle, a man’s well-being is his guiding light.

Inspired by polar expeditions and designed with natural active ingredients sourced in the Arctic and Antarctic, Polaar Men’s skin care products offer all men a range of natural, effective and sensorial products to explore life every day.

The formulations and packaging are designed to be natural, in compliance with the environmental charter that has always guided our product creations.

100% natural ingredients This deodorant, a real anti-odour and anti-yellow and white stains, will be your...

Polaar Men

Trapper's Deo


99% ingredients of natural origin A true cleansing and purifying soap, enriched with Arctic Lichen, this...

Polaar Men

Scandinavian Soap - 100 grs


98% ingredients of natural origin Specially formulated for men’s skin, this face cream, rich in Siberian...

Extreme Cream - 1,76 fl oz


98% ingredients of natural origin An anti-ageing treatment, rich in Polar Peptide, to fight the signs...

Time Freeze - 1,76 fl oz


97% ingredients of natural origin Puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, nothing gives the game away that...

Icy Looks - 0,53 fl oz


Extreme Cream & Tote Bag - 1,76 fl oz


97% natural ingredients Pleasant and effective, this shower gel has been formulated to suit even the...

Polaar Men

Scandinavian Shower Gel - 7,04 fl oz


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