Gamme Neige éternelle Polaar

Eternal Snow

Fight against signs of ageing with the care products of the ETERNAL SNOW range, full of anti-oxidants thanks to the magic active ingredient, the Nunatak Flowers 🌸.

An Arctic Flower as rare as it is powerful, whose plant stem cells alone are capable of reconstituting and restructuring the stem cells of the dermis.

The results: wrinkles and fine lines are reduced, the oval of the face is redrawn, the skin regains better elasticity, it is firmer and soothed.

95% ingredients of natural origin ! An anti-aging treatment with a unique snow...

Youthful Promise Cream - 1,76 fl oz

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95% ingredients of natural origin ! Concentrated in an effective serum, Arctic flowers...

Youthful Promise Serum - 1,06 fl oz



96% ingredients of natural origin ! Like an anti-ageing protective shield, Nunatak flowers’...

Youthful Promise Eye Contour - 0,53 fl oz



Nous vous proposons désormais des duos inédits pour prendre soin de vous ! Ce duo Anti-Âge...


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Duo Anti-Âge - 50ml + 50ml




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