Siberian ginseng

Ginseng is a root that grows in the undergrowth of the large expanses of the Tundra.

Siberian Ginseng owes its survival and durability in extreme conditions to its adaptogenic nature. More concentrated in micronutrients, it stimulates the body to increase its resistance to all the afflictions (stress and fatigue) it may encounter.

Its extract comes from a controlled culture designed to preserve the rare purity of its environment. Once harvested by hand, its roots are hot macerated, the solution is then clarified and filtered.

Its extraordinary virtues restore the skin’s energy and radiance.


Tones – Revitalizes – Illuminates


This range has magical effects on your face : it smoothes your skin and gives it a glowing look. IcyMagic relies on the power and tone of Siberian Ginseng to revitalize the eye contour and stimulate skin cells.
Instant Eye Contour Multi Energiser

Instant Eye Contour Multi Energiser


93% ingredients of natural origin !

This Roll-On IcyMagic is ideal for all eyes looking for brightness: in one application it erases dark circles, bags and all traces of fatigue.

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Eye Contour Multi Energiser Patches -40%
4.69 out of 5

Eye Contour Multi Energiser Patches


91% ingredients of natural origin !

By releasing a pleasant and invigorating sensation of freshness, IcyMagic Patches relieve eye fatigue in 15 minutes: dark circles are significantly brightened, and puffiness is visibly reduced

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