Nunatak Flowers

More than 200,000 years ago, our planet experienced a devastating ice age that swept away 90% of its living species, overtaken by extreme cold and drought.

Recluded in the peaks overlooking the eternal snow, in the heart of regions where air and vegetation are becoming scarce, the Nunatak flower has nevertheless managed to survive by adapting and developing its own defense system thanks to its richness in antioxidants.

To preserve an Arctic flower as rare and precious as it is robust, Polaar simply reproduces and cultivates its plant stem cells to recreate its highly resistant active properties. Its natural environment is preserved, your skin is protected..


Redensifies – Moisturizes – Illuminates

Eternal Snow

Eternal Snow preserves the youth of your skin with its anti-aging care line. The power of the Nunatak Flower will densify, moisturize and illuminate your complexion.
Youthful Promise Serum -20%

Youthful Promise Serum


95% ingredients of natural origin !

Concentrated in an effective serum, Arctic flowers help the skin to regain the firmness and elasticity of its original beauty. The fluid and melting texture of this serum, which is easily assimilated, forms a real anti-ageing protective shield: the skin is hydrated, comfortable and regains firmness and elasticity.

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Youthful Promise Cream -20%
4.69 out of 5

Youthful Promise Cream


95% ingredients of natural origin !

An anti-aging treatment with a unique snow texture that melts on contact with the skin and forms a real protective shield by stimulating cell regeneration. The skin is moisturized and regains firmness and elasticity.

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Youthful Promise Eye Contour -30%

Youthful Promise Eye Contour


96% ingredients of natural origin !

Like an anti-ageing protective shield, Nunatak flowers’ active ingredients provide firmness, elasticity and comfort around the eyes. With infinite softness, the Youthful Eye Contour treatment restores the radiance of the eyes

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