Siberian Olive Tree

We discovered Siberian Olive at the heart of the Taiga. Its exceptional regenerating properties have long been classified as top secret by Russian scientists. Each small berry on this shrub contains more than 108 natural active elements including an unparalleled concentration of vitamins: 30 times more Vitamin C than a single orange! It is a powerful […]


Taiga pine

Also known as the “Boreal Forest” or “Polar Forest”, Taiga is the largest forest in the world. Exceptional, the pine that grows there can live up to 700 years and reach 50m high. From its bark is extracted an active ingredient that blocks the stimulating enzymes of the melanogenesis mechanisms that cause pigment spots. Its […]

Boreal algae

In the depths of the polar oceans, where light is scarce, lives a mysterious algae: Rhodimenia Borealia. Under the influence of the blue light of the moon, it synthesizes phytomelatonin. This plant enzyme is similar to melatonin, a hormone secreted by the brain at night, which is responsible for night cell regeneration. Directly collected at […]

Nunatak Flowers

More than 200,000 years ago, our planet experienced a devastating ice age that swept away 90% of its living species, overtaken by extreme cold and drought. Recluded in the peaks overlooking the eternal snow, in the heart of regions where air and vegetation are becoming scarce, the Nunatak flower has nevertheless managed to survive by […]

Arctic Berries

In the heart of the enchanting scenery of Lapland, Polaar’s Arctic Bays are cultivated and harvested in cooperatives by Finnish producers. Their extraction is done cold, by cryogenics (-28°c), to preserve all the properties of the berries and prevent their oxidation. Considered the noblest berry in the Nordic countries, Arctic raspberries have nourishing properties that […]


Siberian ginseng

Ginseng is a root that grows in the undergrowth of the large expanses of the Tundra. Siberian Ginseng owes its survival and durability in extreme conditions to its adaptogenic nature. More concentrated in micronutrients, it stimulates the body to increase its resistance to all the afflictions (stress and fatigue) it may encounter. Its extract comes […]

Glacier water

At the confluence of Hudson Strait and Davis Strait, beyond Canada’s shores, is the purest source of water on the planet: the great northern glaciers. Taken from pieces of icebergs detached from the ice pack and naturally melted, this extremely pure water offers an intense level of hydration to the skin, for incomparable suppleness, comfort […]


Arctic cotton

Arctic Cotton grows in large wild expanses on the borders of Scandinavian countries, protected from any pollution. It is very different from traditional cotton, with its long white streaks that twirl in the sandstone of the wind… This unusual plant has adapted to the extreme climates and short summers of the Tundra, the exceptional temperatures […]